I used to be very afraid of the idea of swimming like deathly afraid of it. I couldn’t even put my head in the water and even just standing in a chest. The pool made me very very anxious.

But about two years ago, I decided to face my fears and learn how to enjoy the water, in a safe way that wouldn’t freak me out. You see my family had planned a snorkeling trip and I wanted to join the fun.

Now non-swimmers were usually advised to wear life vests in the open water, but I found that to be too constricting, and so I looked around online and decided to get a swimming belt instead.

So this is what it looks like this one is from Speedo. It’s called the speedo aqua belt. But there are other brands similar products as well. It’s meant for water running or water aerobics, but I find that it’s perfect for snorkeling, because it gives you buoyancy, while allowing movement. It also is much more secure than those snorkeling noodles because this one is attached to your body.



You simply wear it around your waist, and when you get in the water you’re going to float, which is great because should you get tired in open water. All you have to do is sort of sit in the water, and you’re floating your entire head will be above the water, so you will never freak out.

I have on my snorkeling mask and I will show you how this belt helps you float while you’re face down in the water.

I hope this information helps non-swimmers who love to travel but can’t quite enjoy water adventures and beaches because of their fears or anxiety.

So this belt is definitely a great buy I would say. It’s easy to pack you can bring it anywhere with you. I’m happy to report that it eventually helped me learn how to swim. Now I’m able to do laps in the pool and. I enjoy traveling, even more knowing that I won’t drown should I accidentally get thrown in the water or something like that. It has helped me tremendously and I hope it helps you too.