Learning how to use the full face snorkel may take some getting used to, so make sure to test it in shallow water or a pool before you go into deep water.

I prefer using full face snorkel’s because I can breath through my mouth or nose, I can see better under water and there is only one piece of equipment to handle instead of two (the mask and snorkel separately).

So, how to you use a full face snorkel mask?

The first thing you have to do is before you leave your house, you must rub it down with some soap, because it will helps with foggy. So, when you’re in the water doesn’t fog up over sides. Once you get to the water, you’re going to rinse it out.

After you wash the soap off, you’re going to put it on and you’re going to make sure that the outside it feels tightly around to fit this outer section. Here is both the section onto your face tighten the adjustable straps if needed, and also push the mess to fit snug around your face.

I always try to mask on in shallow water before you begin to snorkel, so make sure there’s no leaks in the mask that no water is getting in. That’s you’re also comfortable with breathing and using the mask properly.The mask is designed so that you can breathe with your nose and your mouth while you’re in the water, so long as you stay on the surface, you will be able to breathe.

One question that I get a lot about these full face masks is that do they get water inside? The answer is for the most part it’s the smart goal is designed so that it does not get water into the mask. But if it does happen to get a little bit of water in there what will happen is it’ll trickle out the cool, part in the bottom. You can see a trickling out right now, basically just lift your head out the water slightly and it will flow out of here.

It has these pockets goop inside.  Basically the math you’ll breathe through here. If water gets in it will actually come in to these little pockets, So that way you can still breathe and water will not bother you. Take your time getting used to the mask and once you feel confident and ready, then you can begin to have fun snorkeling and deeper water.