The snorkeling vest is one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment when one plans a snorkeling adventure. Snorkeling vests come in two different sizes. To help determine the size needed, snorkeling vests have the weight limits printed on them, along with other important information.

The information printed on the vest should be read and understood by the person wearing it. Familiarize yourself with the various parts of the snorkeling vest.  These are usually two adjustable straps on the vest. One is the waist strap, and the other is the crotch strap.

There is also in oral inflation tube with an inflation valve and locking ring. Before putting the vest on, loosen the
adjustable straps, making them bigger.

Place your head through the hole, so that the crotch strap falls behind you. Find the waist strap and bring it around behind you. and secure the mail buckle to the corresponding female buckle. Adjust the strap so it is snug, next find the crotch strap and bring it up between the legs. And connect the male end to the corresponding female end.

Once secured adjust the strap to your personal level of comfort. The snorkeling vest is normally left deflated while snorkeling and used when the snorkeler needs to rest. To inflate the vest, grab the oral inflator and place it to your lips.  Pull the oral inflator valve down to open it and blow air into it. Blow just enough air into the fast to be able to remain positively buoyant.

Without having to kick this may take more than one breath. Make sure that you release the oral inflator valve between breaths, so you will not lose the air that you put in it.

Some people may wish to use the vest well it did it, while it is partially inflated, which is advisable as in the case of children. There is a rotating lock ring just below the oral inflator valve which may be used to avoid accidental deflation of the unit.

Snorkling should never be done alone children should always be supervised at all times.