It seems like every day new snorkel masks are introduced to the market. Some are expensive, some are rather cheap. But we hear some news every now and again that they actually can be dangerous.

Is a full face snorkeling mask dangerous? Is this true?

How can you check, if your own mask is dangerous and where to look out for when you’re buying a mask?

Just like with a regular mask snorkel as full face snorkel mask is made for recreational use. It’s made for floating on the surface and looking down onto the fishes, where it’s not made for is extensive swimming, free diving or swim practice.

You might notice when you do one of those three things that you get exhausted quite easily and you can’t seem to catch your breath. This is due to the fact that when you exhale there’s more CO2 in your breath than when you inhale. So, when you do sports activities like swimming really fast or free diving, you start to breathe faster and shallower. And this leads to our problem.

If we do those activities inside a closed-off space like the snorkel mask on our face we actually don’t breed out enough deeply enough to push all the bare air out. So the CO2 keeps on building and becomes toxic and we even can get unconscious it’s like breathing in a closed-off bag.

Okay, so far the bad news, no the good news, they actually took this problem into account when designing the full face snorkel mask.

When you look at a mask, you actually can see two parts. On the top, there’s a looking part and on the bottom there is a breathing part. And this breathing part is actually separated from the looking part, it kind of looks like an oxygen mask which you get in the hospital.

full face snorkel_mask

Full Face Snorkel Mask

On this oxygen masks are actually two fills and these are one way you felt, so when you breathe in the air goes through the looking part to the breathing part by these spells.

And what they actually do is push out to bear their which goes to the bottom of the mask and by little tubes it goes up to the snorkel and back out of the snorkel again. In the snorkel they’re actually three little channels which general a little bear there and get the good air in.

If you’re already only mask or are ready to buy one it’s actually quite easy to check if it’s any good. First of all, the breathing part has to have a proper fit and needs to be as close to the face as possible.

And secondly, you can put it on your face and breathe on the surface just standing like I am now and only the breathing part needs to up the looking part should stay clear.

full face snorkel_mask

Full Face Snorkel_Mask

So important to remember is firstly the snorkel mask is made for comfortably snorkelling. So don’t do any activities which might exhaust you, like swim practice or free diver. Secondly, the snorkel mask has to have a good fit, especially the breathing part needs to be as close to your face as possible.

Next, always try the mask on on land when you’re gonna buy it. Or when you already own one try it at home. When you’re breathing it only the breathing part choose fog up and not looking for it. Lastly, take a buddy when you try your new bought snorkel mask for the first time, if something happens you might be able to intervene.