Snorkeling gives you a bird’s-eye view of a place where not even birds get a bird’s eye view. Yeah it doesn’t feel so good being left out does it.

By throwing in a pair of goggles and putting a plastic tube in your mouth, you can explore coral reefs off the Caribbean shore. Slow it around in the coves of Thailand or head up unguided wildlife tours that let you get close enough to look up a whale shark’s nostrils.

You might think there’s not a lot to learn about snorkelling, but there are tons of tricks that can take you beyond just learning to breathe normally-duck diving below the surface.

If your engine gear seek out places that provide you with high-quality masks and snorkels, not the cheaply made stuff you could get any old tour shop, and make sure your booties and fins fit. If you’re in shallow enough water or find yourself solo among a school of fish look but don’t touch. Snorkeling lets you get close to wildlife and reefs but these are delicate organisms so keep your hands to yourself

Kendall what did I just say if you want to learn advanced moves snorkeling lessons might be in order that way you can learn how to deep dive to the bottom.

Down here is where it will come in handy to know how to clear water from your mask without resurfacing to do it lightly press your mask into your face and exhale through your nose and even if you don’t have a purge tube you can clear water out of your snorkel without much fuss.

When you resurface to take another breath sharply say the word toot and dolphin and I’ll get your breathing tube fluid free again. One last tip marinate your back in sunscreen. The Sun will be bearing down on you all day and you don’t want your back to turn into bacon.