Maldives it’s really popular for sandy beaches palm trees and of course the blue waters. And all year around the water is above a 26 degrees and very warm. This article gives you a few cool tips how to do snorkeling in Maldives.

The first, we have to practice in swimming pool, before haeding to the beach. Before practice, prepare your equipment; the mask, snorkel and fins.

The mask dan fins should be perfectly fitting into your face and always make sure that you’re taking your hair off from the mask area before you wear it.

Then, just make sure the fins a perfect fit. If not, you will end up having cramps and blisters in your legs. If you are not a great swimmer or if you are not really comfortable in the water, it’s always advisable and recommend to use a lifejacket specially on the rig alright.

While you’re snorkeling there’s a possibility that you can get some water into your snorkel. In order to clear it out, all you have to do it, just plus some air into your snorkle and also when you’re snorkeling there’s a possibility that you can get some water into your mask.

All you have to do is just press your mask against your face and then blow out through your nose. While snorkel breaking is the easiest part, just breathe in and out, slowly, gently, and then take your time.

While a snorkeling duck driving is important just to clear some waves, all you have to do is put your head down
and kick out. And when you reach thesurface again, just blow out through your snowball/ you can clear all the water inside the snorkel.

While you’re on the water you might feel some pressure in your ears, all you have to do is pinch, your nose slightly and then blow out it will equalize the pressure and it will make you more comfortable individual.

Okay we are done with our practices so we’ll be heading to the beach for an actual snorkeling experience.

Before we head out, there are some safety general rules that you have to follow on. Always you have to snorkel with pears and if you are not a strong swimmer, or if you are not comfortable, there are a life jacket. Be really careful with the currents and the directions of the current, and keep away from the ports if there’s any. And of course, you have to wear some really good sunscreen before you get head out.

And let’s look at the key points to make your snorkel more enjoyable :

1. Plan your snorkel, entry and exit points, current directions, water sports centers in your resort will provide these informations.

2. Check the conditions. It is not advisable to go out snorkeling in stormy conditions or late in the evening.

3. Make sure you do this slowly and gently. Breathe in and out. keep horizontal float, stay close together, kicking nice and gently.

4. Finally when you are in the water, please never touch the coral or marinelife. Coral is very sensitive and very slow-growing and one fin kick or touch could destroy many years of growth Use the mark snorkelling chalices so to keep well clear of growing corals. Never feed marine life, they can become dependent and aggressive around humans.